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...You guys are amazing! We are very happy we are almost done with all the formalities and could not have done it without the assistance from each and everyone of you... our eternal gratitude.
J, Portugal
Our a long awaited dream came true ...with the help of IVMED... a wonderfull clinic , nice, honest and professionell staff. Our coordinator was always available and in constant contact ... we got all the help we needed to finish the process smoothly and quickly . We recommend IVMED... which is your way to be a Happy family and happy parents.
Matteo and Olivia from Sweden


What our clients say about us and our work

Paulina and Adam, Poland


we have learned about IVMED from a friend our friends, who had already used the service offered by IVMED. We have been considering this option in UA before but it seemed too complicated to us. Though after this recommendation we have decided to check it by our own on-site in UA.

We were nicely surprised by the kindness of the people and the professionally and good organization of IVMED. This has convinced us to cooperate with them and we were not disappointed. They were taking care of us from picking up at the airport, through all paper work, organizing a flat for us and what’s most important by preselection of SM, and taking care of her and the baby.

We have been all the time in contact with our coordinator, who was informing us constantly about the health and development of the pregnancy and the baby. From the medical side they are really professional. After the birth they helped us with all paper work. 

Summarizing we really recommend IVMED because they are professional and reliable. And if we could, we would not hesitate to use their services again. 

Greetings to all staff of IVMED!

B.+M. aus Deutschland

Mit Hilfe einer Leihmutter ist im August diesen Jahres 2020 unser Sohn auf die Welt gekommen. Das Team von IVMED hat uns von Beginn an, bei der Entscheidung, der Vorbereitung, den Medizinischen Leistungen, bei der Wahl der Leihmutter, während der Schwangerschaft und in den Wochen danach in der Ukraine, bis zur Ausreise nach Deutschland professionell betreut. Es wird deutsch gesprochen und verständlich übersetzt. Anwälte und Notare begleiten bei den Formalitäten. Neben der Professionalität hat uns der menschliche und freundliche Umgang miteinander sehr gefallen. Auch die Verlässlichkeit und das exakte Einhalten von Vereinbarungen und Verträgen hat uns überzeugt.  

Wir können Ehepaaren aus Deutschland diese Agentur empfehlen.

B.+M. aus Deutschland

Mr. M. and Ms. J., USA

To say that our journey with IVMed was triumphant, would be an understatement. Infertility was a war brought on by a battle, cancer. When we were told we would never have children by an oncologist, we were devastated. After conducting so much research on all the different Surrogacy Agencies in Kiev, at that time. We narrowed it down to a few. We visited Ukraine in 2019 to interview the final agencies and clinics.

We sat down with Nadiia and IVMed and decided on their site, after that meeting, this was going to be our agency. We are so glad, happy and extremely pleased that we pursued IVMed. What we loved the most is their communication was key throughout the process. Due to Covid-19. We transferred our Embryos in March of 2020. The world went into lockdown by April of 2020. Many of our peers struggled during this time with their agencies and many had near zero communication with their agencies. IVMed during this time, were tremendously communicative.

For that we are exceptionally grateful. If you are struggling to choose a Surrogacy Agency and you are reading this. I hearby vouch that IVMed is the greatest of all the Agencies in Ukraine. No need to look any further or do any more research. I vouch, everyone associated with IVMed is amazing. From Nadiia at the top all the way to the bottom. Their Embryologists, are at the top of their field. Their doctors are astounding. Lastly, their coordinators, who are in the frontline, are extraordinary. To everyone at IVMed…thank you for bringing our daughter to us.

Thank you for making the impossible…possible. We are proud to introduce the newest member of IVMed: D-G born November 15th, 2020 via Surrogacy! #TeamIVMed

Ruben, Veronica and Anna

Dear Dr. Galina,Thousands upon thousands of people pass through the life of a doctor, being able to leave a mark on each one of them has to fill you with pride.
The years of training and study that he has dedicated to fertility treatments have helped to give life to the illusions and dreams of many families … being parents.

We would like, in this celebration of the 20 years of his profession as a doctor at the service of families, to thank you for his dedication and especially his empathy towards our family.

Having our daughter Anna, has been the most beautiful thing we will live in our lives, she is the result of many sand grains and one of them is her own.

I would also like to thank all your team and tell you that, although I am sure you already know, it is surrounded by great professionals.looking forward to continue working to achieve great success and continue to make more families happy.


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