Apparently, every woman who wants to become a mother is anxiously and impatiently waiting for two cherished strips on the test every month. Nevertheless, the “dose” of this anxiety can be different, and accordingly, can have different effects on the possibility of pregnancy and its further development.
This can lead to an “obsession” with this desire to get pregnant at any cost. You forget about yourself, life around, about your loved ones, friends, all other spheres of life disappear, lose meaning and colors.
Such a “fixed idea” can turn the expectation of the desired conception into a constant stress for a woman. Since the relationship in a couple can change – “sex on a schedule”, “just for the sake of fertilization” – the relationship becomes a “mechanical” function, tenderness and passion, mutual understanding can disappear. There may be irritation from others, resentment, the feeling that “no one understands me.” She loses confidence in her own body, in her own strength.

A woman seems to become a hostage of a vicious circle – she is afraid of getting pregnant, and it is this fear that prevents conception. Sometimes it even blocks his ability, because the body perceives pregnancy as a stressor.
✍️ To increase the chances of becoming a mother, you should try to stay calm, as it does not sound trite. Spend more time with yourself, your loved ones; do activities that interest you, something that brings you pleasure. Do not blame yourself for failures, but support and take care of yourself.
The less you think that getting pregnant is your only goal and opportunity for happiness, the faster conception can happen. Sometimes it is enough to accept that motherhood is not the whole meaning of life, and the “status of a woman” is not lost without it. Such internal decisions will help reduce emotional stress and replenish their own “resources”.
If you cannot cope with stress and anxiety while waiting for pregnancy, you can always seek support from a psychologist, who will help you with your anxiety and stress, with emotional obstacles on the way to the desired baby.