Some embryo transfers make you want to shout “Great job!”

It happens in the cases when everything goes perfectly:

– a strong embryo, aptly placed by the embryologist in a thin catheter;

– perfectly (not too little and not too much) filled bladder, which helps the nurse-assistant to show where to move, creating a so-called “acoustic window” for ultrasound and aligning the angle between the cervix and uterus to a straight line;

– easy and fast advancement of the catheter to the necessary position – to the so-called point of maximum implantation potential. There the embryo will be able to immerse in the endometrium more conveniently and comfortably.

And as soon as the catheter reached the desired place – push! – light but confident pressure on the piston, and a small perfect droplet separates from it and remains in the uterus (we always hope that for 9 months)

And the embryologist then has to check the catheter and say: “Perfectly clean!”. This means that the embryo, along with the drop of medium, actually left the catheter and went to the mother.

We always hope for a journey of 9 months and then – a lifetime.

But we are especially proud and optimistic when it’s a great job!