Pronuclear transfer program

Services provided within this program include the following:

  • – Personal coordinator from the first minutes of contact, speaking English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese;
  • – Free Skype consultation, airport/clinic/apartment pick-ups
  • – Accommodation during treatment steps
  • – Medical consultation with fertility specialist / Free Skype pre-consultation (in case of need)
  • – Medical examination and general blood analyses for patients, spermogram
  • – Egg donor compensation
  • – Set of hormonal medications for patient’s ovarian stimulation
  • – Set of hormonal medications for egg donor’s ovarian stimulation
  • – Development of individual ovarian hormonal stimulation protocol for patient and for egg donor, ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth, ovarian puncture, eggs collection under ultrasound control and fertilization patient’s and donor’s eggs with ICSI method
  • – Set of hormonal medications for recipient’s uterus endometrium preparation before embryo transfer (ET), on-line/offline monitoring
  • – Pronuclear transfer – 1 cycle
  • – Cultivation of embryos for 5 days until blastocyst stage, assisted hatching
  • – Fresh or frozen embryo transfer
  • – Set of hormonal medications for patient’s pregnancy maintaining up to 12 days (until hCG test) after ET
  • – Cryopreservation (vitrification) of embryos, sperm and storage for 12 months

Benefits of the program

  • – Ovarian stimulation, egg donor stimulation, 1 cycle of pronuclear transfer and 1 embryo transfer
  • – Pronuclear transfer increases the chances of successful embryo cultivation
  • – The cost of the program is final, there are no hidden or unexpected payments for you

Our highly professional working team

We are always glad to help you in communication with medical specialists and embryologists in Medical Center IVMED as well as match the most appropriate type of infertility treatment

Valentina Sydorenko

Medical coordinator for patients
Chinese and English speaking

Daria Serebriakova

Medical coordinator for patients
Chinese and English speaking

Irina Doroshenko

Medical coordinator for patients
English speaking

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