Medical center IVMED, along with other fertility institutions, allows couples to realize their cherished dream of becoming parents.

Due to the joint efforts of fertility specialists, agency coordinators, donors, surrogate mothers and lawyers, families are able hold their children for the first time and successfully register them and return to their home country.

And yet, they face more challenges in Ireland, as they are not considered a regular family by the Irish law. The father is recognized a guardian of the child due to the biological connection, but the mother can only apply for guardianship after 2 years of care and loses her status when the child turns 18.

And thus families with children who have been born through surrogacy are calling on the Government to enact legislation to regulate it in Irish law.

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We are proud that IVMED parents are involved in this movement for recognition of surrogacy families. We admire their resolve and courage and we certainly hope that their example will encourage other couples to speak up about their experience with surrogacy and their legal challenges.